Friday, November 14, 2014

                                                                 The Broken Destiny 
                                                             by Carlyle Labuschagne

"You cannot know what light is if you have not experienced darkness" 
Ava and her people have been exiled to the planet Poseidon for reasons she can't fathom. Upon meeting a boy from a different sector, her life turns into a beautiful chaos. She begins to feel things she isn't allowed to, thus motivating her to find out the truth about why her kind are so different, and why the Council are so interested in her. Once her mind is freed, with it comes a terrible power that could either save her kind, or destroy them all. But Ava is not the perfect heroine. She will become what she hates to save the ones she loves, and the cost of such a burden is deadly at best.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…
His Frozen Heart by Nancy Straight.


** spoiler alert ** First off I want to say what an amazing job Nancy did with this book. I could not put it down. I've been in a reading slump lately and this book totally woke me up. So much action and felling that I literally could not stop reading it for anything. Needless to say I have not eaten yet. ;)

Omg! Let me tell you about Dave. I looooved him so freaking much. He was a total package deal. His heart was on his sleeve. He had the worst upbringing ever. Moving from foster home to foster home and never knowing love or a caring touch. His stupid foster mother only wanted him around for the money. Who does that? He still ended up being a beautiful hard working successful man with a bit of OCD when it came to his everyday life. I think that's something I could deal with to have a man who cared for me and would die fighting to keep me safe. And hot as hell to. Tall muscular build, deep brown eyes.. Mmmm! Let me tell you. :) Candy was one lucky girl to have found him again. I say again because they met in high school. Dave was nothing now like he was then though. Back then he was closed off and a loner. Never letting anyone but his auto teacher Mr Kravitz get close to him.

Now Candy was a sweet soul. She loved her "Sister" Libby who was a hoot in her own way. The two girls were inseparable. Libby practically grew up in Candy's house because of her own crap in her family. The two girls were now living on their own after Candy's parents moved away. Struggling to keep afloat they pool hustled sometimes to get by. One bad hustle later Libby was in the hospital and Candy was hiding to stay a live after some strange guy threatened her life and everything seemed to go totally bad from here. I mean seriously stalker killer bad.

This whole ordeal was what threw Dave and Candy back together though so I guess things weren't completely bad. I loved every minute of it. All the gun fire and running for her life made for a really grilling story. THis wasn't your average "awe how sweet" romance book. Nope this was a thrill a minute and I wish there was more because I so have many many questions.

Does Libby stay with Larry? He put his life on hold spending every minute with Libby. How did Libby's father get back on the right path? What happens with Dave and Candy? And last but not least there's Mark Dave's brother. What has he gotten himself into? I need so much more of their lives. I'm investing in these characters and one book is not enough for me. Ugh! More more more please. ;)

You will love this if you like love, action and a lot of suspense.

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